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Examination Cell

I am feeling proud and privileged while introducing you our examination and assessment mechanism developed at Minerva College of Education. Here at Minerva, our philosophy of examination not only believe in grading or ranking system as a result of assessment and evaluation but aims to nurture the talent and intelligence by finding gaps in teaching - learning outcomes. Here we carry out different practices in order to develop recent theoretical and pedagogical skills among our pupil teachers. Keeping in view the basic tenets of two-year teacher training program (B.Ed.) and needs of the constant dynamic academic world our aim is to help our pupil teachers to find out the learning gaps by developing an objective examination system which is truly valid and reliable. Examination process at Minerva is followed by the diagnostic and remedial measures that tends to help our pupil teachers to bring desirable changes which is needful to adapt in the world of academics and dynamic educational structure. We believe that the real success of any examination system depends on the fact that to what extent an individual inculcates industriousness in the given profession. The Examination cell is an apex body of the Institute which is headed by the Controller of Examination and Coordinator and by the teaching faculty of the college

Focus of Examination Cell

  1. To Evaluate that the Ultimate Objective of Teacher Training Program has been achieved or not
  2. To find out the Learning Gaps Based on Diagnostic and Remedial Measures.
  3. Nurture the Talent and Pedagogical Skills among the Pupil Teachers.
  4. Identification of Potential and Positioning of our Pupil Teachers at their Right Place
  5. Development of Reliable Examination Mechanism based on Objectivity.
  6. Inculcation of Desired Skill Set Relevant to the Teaching Profession.
  7. Skill Development on Strong Theoretical Basis.
  8. To Motivate our Pupil-Teachers in Developing Academic and Professional Excellence.
  9. The Mechanism

    Examination cell at Minerva college of education performs in the light of guidelines and regulation laid down by regulatory and affiliating bodies. After systemic and rigorous training based on theoretical and practical framework a Pupil Teacher is required fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria in order to get maximum grades and to appear in end term examinations. Here at Minerva, we are following the mixed methodology of continuous (Formative) and comprehensive (Summative) evaluation which includes the following activities in sequence

    • 1. Weekly Test (Subject Based Assessment).
    • 2. House examination (Twice in a Semester – Course Based Assessment).
    • 3.Viva- Voce (Once in a Semester – Theory Based Assessment).
    • 4.End Term Examination (Once in a Semester – Skill & Theory Based Assessment).

Rules and Regulations

  1. 1. Student must clear all the dues for the session and return all the library books prior to the commencement of examination
  2. The right to participate in end term examinations is reserved only for those students who have secured 75% attendance in theory and 85% in practical classes
  3. The Pupil Teachers who have not appeared in House Examination will not be allowed to appear in end term examinations.
  4. The students who fail to secure minimum House examinations will not be entitled for final examination. However, pupil teacher can apply for on demand examination any time to achieve the desired scores or to find out the learning gaps.
  5. All the Pupil Teachers are required to complete the minimum hours / working days as prescribed by NCTE during first and second phase school internship and practice teaching sessions. In any other case pupil teacher will not be allowed to appear in final examination for skill in teaching
  6. Awards of internal assessment will be calculated on the grading scale developed by examination cell based on the performance in Weekly Tests, House Tests and Viva – Voce.

  7. Dr. Isha Sharma
    (Controller of Examination)