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Principal's Desk

Dear Students, I warmly welcome you for stepping in this College from the core of my heart.College is a preparation for life; life which is infinitely wider than work. In this vast arena of life, man has to wrestle with circumstances day in and day out.

We live in turbulent times. What we are now witnessing is the transition to a global society, the sphere of Education has also been influenced by the twin phenomenon of globalization and liberalization. To quote UNESCO, "Education should provide the skill for learning to know, learning to live together, learning to do and living to be." Thus Education is the primary agent of transformation towards sustainable development and increasing people's capacities to transform their vision of society into reality. For such type of Education, the Enlightened, Emancipated and Empowered teacher is required. The teacher facilitates Intellectual, Emotional, Moral and Social Development of the students and builds their character. The teacher plays an important role in the society and the lives of the students. So, the teacher succeeds by being a highly useful member of the society. His usefulness sustains and recreates the higher values that a society must cherish in order to remain in the vanguard of progress.

Always remember the three R's i.e. Respect for self, Respect for others and Respect for your actions. If you follow the said path, you will always emerge victoriously. Don't be cynical. Cynicism takes away Enthusiasm and builds a negative mindset. Move from apathy to action. To finish first, you must first finish. Leadership is an action, not a word. Build a climate of honesty, hard work, and excellence. Students of this college must be known for their competence and conduct, this is my expectations from you all. You must be an ambassador of your culture and professional values above all teachings. Always keep in mind,"Teaching is like lightening a lamp, that lamp lit by a teacher may burn brighter than its source". I, wish you all a happy professional and personal life.

Dr.Prashant Sharma