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Chairman's Desk

Everything changes in this world that always remains the same. Right from the dawn of creation, the sun has been giving us the similar kind of light. But Newton changed meaning of light for us by showing it as a combination of seven colours. Newton prism was just a beginning. Spectroscope and Heliograph made the light further strange for us . Similar is the case with Education.

Though Education must always remain a process of acquiring or imparting knowledge. Today Education cannot be expected to remain the same as it was in the days of yore. The frontiers of knowledge have drastically changed.

In the changed scenario, a student must change his outlook as well as attitude. Besides the specific areas of his studies, he must also remain fully aware of what is going all around. He must be fully alert, alive and vibrant towards all those phenomena that are affecting the world in which he is desired to live. His aim should always to move from Darkness to Light, but now he must also learn to focus his attention upon all the shades that exist between the Darkness & Light.

I welcome you all to a renewed voyage from Darkness to Light in the domain of Education

Sh. J. S. Patial